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J. Reder White

Okay. So, full disclosure: 

I've never been an elf, never lived through a zombie apocalypse yet, never traveled any interdimensional portals , never even manned a spaceship. 

But my mind has. I'm sure yours can, too.

And I've read a lot of books. I'm sure you have, too. 

Maybe, like me, you're tired of reading stories you've already read before. The One who is destined to save the world, doesn't know who he really is. He's orphaned, and his real parents are way cooler than the ones who raised him. The world is over-run by mindless monsters, and a group of people who don't like each other very much have to survive it. The captain of an interstellar spaceship seeks out new life and new civilizations.

They're fun to read and all. But who lives like that?

What if fantasy and science fiction reflected the real world we know? That could still be fun. Couldn't it?

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