A Frank Adventure

Out of the Forest

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Frank has lost it. 

And whatever he's lost is so far gone he doesn't even know where he put it. Well, that's what lost means, isn't it? Content to live alone in his precious house in the forest where he can sit in the misery of past injustices, Frank wouldn't go anywhere.

  • If only forces beyond his control didn't have other ideas, he could live in peace.

But how to get him to leave his memories behind and come Out of the Forest?

  • I-Don't-Know. That's how.

     The story of an elf raised in a dwarf village, "Out of the Forest" is not for children but for adults who have not left imagination behind. It is at once familiar, and yet a journey not traveled before, not this way.

     For Frank, magic isn't a big deal, only a useful tool: until he finds out what magic is made for and how to use it to his advantage. And, his destiny calls him to fix what has gone wrong, especially what dwarfs have put into play. He just needs to be rid of these nagging companions that have stuck to him, like it or not: a sweet girl and her grandfather, a wise-cracking owl, and a Viking who doesn't know how to stop talking.

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